LINKIN PARK | Returns To Bangkok concert was slated on September 23, a day after Jag and I celebrate our 8th anniversary. This gave us enough reason to splurge a little on VIP tickets. 🙂

I’m a sucker for freebies that’s why I was really delighted when I received these. 🙂

We finished work at 3pm and hurriedly went to the venue. We were surprised to see that lots of concert goers were already lining up, even hours before the gates were set to open.

The look of excitement painted on our faces. We’ve been Linkin Park fans before we even met, way back in High School. 🙂

While waiting, I noticed some unusual sightings. A lady who was studying amidst the sea of loud people. Then, a Japanese guy who was hyperactive but then was estranged from his friends, apparently he brought different ticket, just check how lonely looked after. hahah :p


We waited for hours before the concert began. There were local bands who performed before the main act though I didn’t really bother to jam and take photos. They were the Sweet Mullet, whose vocalist was so skinny, wearing too tight man-jeans. Then there was Ebola whose vocalist gives theater actors a run for their money coz he was too dramatic. 😉

I was starting to get fussy, when one by one Joe Hanh, Rob, Brad appeared on stage and then Mike and Chester. The crowd just went wild, screaming, jumping to the rhythm of nü-metal intro. I, included! :p

This was how it looked like. Suddenly, all the leg cramps, backache, hunger pangs and fainting spells disappeared and we were one with the overjoyed roaring crowd.


Linkin Park bringing the house down with their hits and antics. They performed to our hears’ content, No More Sorrow, Iridescent, In the End, Waiting For The End, New Divide and A Thousand Suns to name a few. 🙂

Jag and I during the concert. All happy, Rain or no Rain! \(^o^)/

I was euphoric after seeing Mike Shinoda on the stage. I was screaming and singing-along. A misplaced groupie! hahah :p He’s nice, cool, very talented and he has that look and smile that just gets into my heart. I loved him eversince. 😉

Then, there’s Chester who’s not only good looking but also has an unbelievably great voice that still sounds great even if he’s screaming. 😉

Linkin Park in action! For me, Mike and Chester complement each other. I love listening to them. Kudos too, to Rob, Hanh, Brad and Dave (who was
absent during the concert coz he was sick) because all together they make unique, meaningful and wonderful music. 🙂


The show was just awesome. Worth all the penny, effort and time. 🙂

One of our Bucket List – Watch one of our favorite Rock Bands live in concert.
Status —- CHECKED ✔ !

Thank You, Linkin Park! 🙂